Now, did that picture get your attention? That is a 1940’s Marx Dial typewriter

What does Studeyo have to do with a Dial Typewriter? Actually, nothing.
All we want to say is - Advertising needn’t go to such lengths to grab attention.
Just go NATIVE

Studeyo is a technology company passionate about bringing ease and simplicity in the way users engage with content and brands online, by creating convenient and native engagement tools


Definition n. Native advertising is a form of online advertising in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention and engagement by providing an ad experience that follows the natural form and function of the user experience of the context in which it is placed

Addng Native for PUBLISHERS
Unlock new streams of revenue

Earn incremental revenue with Addng Native Solutions. Swiftly deploy native inventory without having to invest time and money to build your own custom solutions.

Your readers will love you, more

Addng Native Solutions enables advertising that is non-intrusive and seamless. These are not just in-feed ads but are truly and fully native placements. Now deliver a more engaging experience to your readers.

Quality, Not Quantity

We respect your brand and are dedicated to providing high-quality experiences to your readers. This is why, we only work with reputable advertisers and brands.

Effortless integration with Best-in-class technology

Designed and built to perform seamlessly. In just one step, enable this valuable functionality for your readers.

Addng Native for ADVERTISERS
Tell your story

Addng Native Solutions allows you, as a marketer, to meaningfully engage with your consumers, in addition to creating brand awareness. It is a powerful way to communicate and amplify your brand story.

Better Performance

An outcome of native advertising is higher engagement with your consumer. Native ads consistently deliver higher engagement and brand awareness than any other digital format.

Fit in to stand out

Addng Native Solutions are Truly Native solutions and not just infeed ads, thereby enabling better visual engagement. A neuroscience study* found that native ads received 2X the visual focus versus banner ads placed in the exact same place in the feed. * Source: Sharethrough and Nielsen, Neuroscience Perspective

Location, location, location!

We integrate your branded content tastefully and seamlessly into the most relevant sites in our premium publisher network. Also, placement of your ads instream (in the content well of a site) ensures your ads will no longer be lost or ignored.

Be noticed

We guarantee 100% viewability, and you pay only for impressions that are viewable

Growth and Reach

Scale a single campaign seamlessly across devices (desktop, mobile, tablet etc.) and publisher portals with ease

Kiran Subbaraman

He is the technologist, and product guy. With over two decades of experience in building software products he over sees product development, operations, and all things that keeps the product vibrant.

Indu Jayaraman

A marketeer by profession - she works on everything else - from building the brand to managing the operations, to developing publisher and merchant relations, to also understanding users and their behaviour.


Software Developer

We are building a User engagement product, which provides engagement options that are highly contextual, relevant, and results in a pleasant user-experience.

The candidate will work with us an intern for the first 5 months. An offer for employment will be based on the candidate's performance, and also their fit into our work culture. This also provides an opportunity for the candidate to assess if our company is a good fit for them.

The work is based out of Bangalore. Working remotely are options we can consider. Talk to us, and we can figure this out together.

  • 0-2 years of software development experience.
  • An aptitude for programming - which includes the ability to reason about a given situation, and to trouble-shoot / debug it.
  • Optional requirements: Awareness and/or experience with web frameworks, Webservers, Relational Databases, key-value datastores.
  • Contributions to open-source is a nice-to-have.
  • The work requires programming, primarily, in Python, and Javascript.
  • Build out the various components for the product, from the user interface to back-end processing.
How to Apply

Send us your resume to [email protected], with the subject "Software Developer"

Studeyo Technologies LLP
#25, 2nd Floor, 8th Main,
Vasanthnagar, Bangalore-560 062,
Karnataka, India